Questions On Nutricahrge DHA

1.What is Nutricharge DHA?

Nutricharge DHA is a food supplement.

2. How is Nutricharge DHA beneficial?

Nutricharge DHA helps in optimum development of brain (brain organ development) in the baby in foetus.

3. Does the complete development of baby’s brain happen in the mother’s womb only?

70% of development of baby’s brain happens in the mother’s womb.

4. Has there been any Clinical Research with respect to DHA?

Many countries like America, England, Italy, Denmark, etc have conducted research with respect to consumption of DHA by pregnant women. These researches have established that it is absolutely safe for pregnant women to consume DHA and it helps in optimum development of brain in babies.

5. What is the quantity of DHA in Nutricharge DHA?

According to Clinical Research, pregnant women need 400 mg of DHA daily. Each vegetarian soft capsule of Nutricharge DHA contains 400 mg of DHA.

Questions On Nutricahrge Man

1. What is Nutricharge Man tablet?

Nutricharge Man is a comprehensive daily nutritional supplement that provides 35 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to help meet the daily nutritional needs of men, to keep them fit and healthy through a balanced nutrition.

2. Can Nutricharge Man tablet be consumed by Vegetarians?

Yes, since it does not contain any ingredients of animal (non-vegetarian) source.

3. What are the benefits of having Nutricharge Man tablet daily?

With a modern lifestyle, fast food, imbalanced diet and poor absorption, it is difficult to get all micronutrients in required quantities. Deficiency of these micronutrients can lead to loss of energy and stamina, poor immunity, weak muscles, bones and teeth etc. Nutricharge Man provides most vital nutrients in required quantity to prevent nutritional deficiencies, help to maintain function and structure of various organ systems and may be beneficial for cardiovascular health and in diabetes.

4. Does Nutricharge Man tablet have any side effects?

Nutricharge Man is usually well tolerated when taken after a meal in recommended doses in most persons. Rarely it may cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

5. Who should use this product?

Nutricharge Man can be consumed by boys above 14 years of age and all adult men.

Questions On Nutricharge Woman

1. What are the benefits of taking Nutricharge woman tablet?

Nutricharge Woman tablet provides 53 beneficial nutrients for women, including phytonutrients from extracts of 14 rare fruits that promote women’s health to help keep them youthful. It also gives 6 specialty nutrients that may alleviate womens’ specific health problems at various stages of their life. Moreover it may help fulfil their daily needs with 33 key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino-acids to keep them healthy.

2. Can Nutricharge woman tablet be taken by vegetarians?

Yes, vegetarians can take it since Nutricharge Woman tablet does not contain any ingredients of animal (non-vegetarian) source.

3. Does Nutricharge woman have any side effects?

Nutricharge woman tablet is usually well tolerated when taken after meal in a daily dose of one tablet by most women. Rarely it may cause nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort.

4. I am a diabetic. Can I consume Nutricharge woman tablet?

Nutricharge woman tablet is potentially beneficial for diabetics. Minerals like chromium and vanadium may improve sugar utilisation by body; Green tea extract may help burn fats, while vitamin A, Zinc and other antioxidant nutrients may increase immunity and check eye damage. You can also consult your doctor.

5. Who should use Nutricharge Woman tablet?

Nutricharge woman can be consumed daily by all girls and women above 14 years of age.

Questions On Nutricharge ProDiet

1. How long should one take Nutricharge Pro Diet ?

Both Adults and children need approx. 1g/kg of protein daily for growth, repair and maintenance of our body tissues. Nutricharge Prodiet being an excellent source of protein can be taken daily in recommended dose to help fill the gap in our protein nutrition. Even the U S Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has confirmed that taking 25 grams of soya protein daily with a low fat diet protects against heart diseases.

2. If I take sufficient fruits, vegetables and cereals even then is it beneficial to take Nutricharge Pro Diet ?

Fruits, vegetables and cereals do provide us with some protein, but unless we eat a wide variety of pulses, nuts, cereals and dairy products in ample amounts daily, we may not get easily digestible complete protein with all essential amino acids in adequate quantities. Some of us also have trouble digesting vegetable proteins. Nutricharge Pro Diet provides high quality soya protein which is a source of easily digestible, heart friendly, complete protein and may be good for our overall health. We can get all the nine essential amino acids in balanced quantities from Nutricharge ProDiet.

3. I feel tired and exhausted quickly. Will Nutricharge Pro Diet help?

Protein deficiency weakens various organs, prevents tissue repair and maintenance and reduces immunity. Nutricharge Pro Diet provides hi-quality purified and processed soya protein which may help enhance physical strength and boost immunity. For getting all key minerals and vitamins adults should take one tablet of Nutricharge Man/ Woman also daily.

4. Does Nutricharge Pro Diet have any side effect?

We should take protein in a balanced quantity only as a component of total nutrition. Nutricharge Pro Diet is well tolerated in recommended doses but taking excess amounts may cause flatulence (gas). Kidney patients should consult their doctor before taking Nutricharge Pro Diet. People suffering form Gout can not take Nutricharge Pro Diet.

5. I am taking other medicines also, can I use Nutricharge Pro Diet with them?

Nutricharge Pro Diet being a health supplement can be taken even by people suffering from common diseases. However, Liver and kidney patients and other critical patients must consult their doctors.Gout patients can not take Nutricharge Pro Diet.

Questions On Nutricahrge S & F

1. What is Nutricharge S & F?

Nutricharge S & F is a nutritional supplement that is effective is reducing body fat.

2. Why should I consume Nutricharge S & F when I have a fit body?

A normal body also has body fat which can be known only with the help of a body scanner. Please get yourself checked on a body scanner. One should start consuming Nutricharge S & F if the body fat is more than 25% in men and more than 30% in women.

3. Why is important to safeguard muscles during the process of weight loss?

Because loss of muscles leads to weakness.

4. Nutricharge S & F is very expensive?

Please understand the value for money that it offers. Excess of body fat can lead to serious ailments in future like heart problem, diabetes, knee pain, etc. Treatment of these ailments runs in lakhs. If you would reduce your body fat with the help of Nutricharge S & F, you would not only save yourself from these fatal ailments but also from the huge expenditure on them.

5. Can Nutricharge Prodiet be consumed with Nutricharge S & F?

Nutricharge S & F should be taken in place of dinner. It is extremely beneficial to consume either Nutricharge Man and Nutricharge Prodiet or Nutricharge Woman and Nutricharge Strawberry Prodiet every morning.

Questions On Nutricahrge BJ

1. What is Nutricharge BJ?

Nutricharge BJ is a health supplement for bones and joints. It has been specially made for knee joints.

2. Is Nutricharge BJ a medicine?

Nutricharge BJ is not a medicine. It is a food supplement.

3. Who should consume Nutricharge BJ?

Those who feel pain in their knee joints should immediately start consuming Nurticharge BJ.

4. Can Nutricharge BJ be used for pain in other joints and for their strengthening?

Knee joints are the most important joints because they bear the weight of our entire body. Hence, it is of foremost importance to take care of these joints. Nonetheless, Nutricharge BJ can improve the health of other joints.

5. Nutricharge BJ is very expensive?

Please understand the value for money that it offers. The cost of knee replacement surgery runs in lakhs. You can save yourself from such a big expenditure in future if you start consuming Nutricharge BJ now.

Questions On Nutricahrge Kids

1. For what age group we can give Nutricharge Kids?

Nutricharge Kids is for a age range of 2 to 12

2. What are the major benefits of Nutricharge Kids?

Nutricharge Kids as the name suggests helps in overall and brain development, increases immunity and gives strength

3. When should we give Nutricharge Kids?

Nutricharge Kids should be given in the morning after breakfast